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Quick and convenient dental care

Hammasklinikka Kruunu is a modern dental clinic with a readily accessible location in the centre of Tampere, Finland. We specialise in quick and convenient dental care, including implants, ceramic crowns and fillings, veneers, Invisalign-treatment, dental hygienist services along with aesthetic dental procedures.

We utilise the latest and most effective dental procedures and equipment, which enables us to provide our customers with fast, safe, and painless dental service.

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Dental treatments

At Hammasklinikka Kruunu, we specialise in providing dental treatments that do not require long treatment and recovery periods.

Many people postpone dental care, even if immediate attention is necessary, because dental work is deemed inconvenient, time-consuming, and even painful. Most of our treatments can be carried out in just one or two sessions at the clinic. Also, the recovery periods are very short in comparison to traditional methods. Most importantly, our methods are virtually painless.

We are known in particular for our expertise in modern implant methods. Our services also include ceramic crowns and fillings, bridges, restorative treatments, laser whitening, periodontal treatments, and dental hygienist’s services. In addition, we can take 3D dental X-rays, which make diagnosis quicker and more accurate. An anaesthetist is available if needed.

More information about our services is provided below.


Implant treatments are an area of special expertise for us, and we have been installing implants since 1993. We use the latest methods and techniques, which allow fast, easy, and painless implant procedures.

”A couple of years ago I lost my front tooth due to gingivitis. I’m happy by my basic nature, but after that I didn’t dare to smile openly. am I afraid of visiting the dentist, but I made an appointment with Kruunu’s dentist anyway. The dental treatment was quick and painless, and the end result was successful. Thank you to Kruunu’s staff for the good service!” – Raili, 52

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As an All-on-4® Center of Excellence, Hammasklinikka Kruunu has been recognized for its quality of work, experience, and use of authentic Nobel Biocare restorations. Only a handful of practices are selected for this program in each state, and we are proud to be an All-on-4® Center of Excellence representing Tampere, Finland.

While studies have demonstrated that the All-on-4® treatment concept is a proven, long-term solution, your individual results may vary. All types of surgery come with some degree of risk, and dental implants are no exception. Only through consultations with dental professionals such as Hammasklinikka Kruunu can you determine your individual risks and whether you are a viable candidate for dental implants.

For more information on the benefits and risks of the All-on-4® treatment concept, talk to our dentists at Hammasklinikka Kruunu. We will help you find the ideal solution for your oral health goals.

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All-on-4 implant treatment

The All-On-4 procedure is a restorative method that is suitable for patients with no teeth and low bone volume in the jaw. The method is fast and effective; the new teeth are ready for use in two days. All-On-4 is the only method that doesn’t require a bone transplant for patients suffering from bone deterioration.

Why choose the All-on-4 treatment concept?

When you have lost all or most of your natural teeth in one or both jaws, your options are typically limited to a full denture or dental implants. The All-on-4 treatment concept seeks to replicate the strength and stability of natural teeth by surgically implanting artificial roots directly into the jawbone.

Dental implants provide similar stability, dependability, and strength as natural tooth roots. You can enjoy your favorite foods, speak clearly, laugh, and live your life total confidence.

We have the longest experience of All-on-4 implant treatments in Finland. We have been treating over 400 patients for over 16 years. All of our staff have educated in Portugal and are in continuous training.

Our knowledgeable staff will carry out all the steps involved in the implant treatment cycle, from 3D X-rays to dental modeling. That’s why we know our patients and can provide the best possible service.


We were the first Finns to be educated in Trefoil technology in Frankfurt in January 2018 and in June 2018 we had Finland’s first Trefoil operation.

The Trefoil system is a breakthrough in efficiency for treating the mandible. The pre-manufactured bar with a unique fixation mechanism can adjust to compensate for inherent deviations from the ideal implant position. That makes definitive teeth in a day a viable choice for more patients.

Three ways the Trefoil system reduces chair time:

  • Pre-manufactured definitive bar with an acrylic prosthesis
  • A straightforward prosthetic workflow
  • Reduced restorative componentry due to compensation mechanism

As a treatment, Trefoil technology is less expensive than, for example, All-on-4, but is only suitable for lower jaw treatment. It also requires a greater amount of bone in the lower jaw. In Trefoil treatment, the upper jaw bite level should be correct.

X-Guide navigation device

We are the first clinic in Finland who has acquired the X-Guide navigation device, which is used most of the implant treatments with guided surgery. We also made Finland’s first surgery with X-Guide in January, and now we have done over 200 treatments with X-Guide, which is the most of all in Europe.

The device guides the surgical procedures and provides the ideal positioning for the future crown, which is extremely important for the aftercare and durability of the crown. The device also enables same-day implant surgery and the patient does not have a surgical wound.

The prices of implant treatments includes all procedures and visits during the treatment: dental examination, X-rays, a visit to dentalhygienist if needed, implantation, dentition and, if necessary, artificial bone augmentation. Possible tooth extraction and separate bone grafting will be billed separately.

Cerec ceramic fillings

Cerec is a fast ceramic treatment method that is used to create fillings, crowns, bridges, and veneers. It produces results that are second best only to natural teeth in their look, colour, durability, and strength.

In Cerec treatment, the patient’s teeth are modelled with a 3D device and a suitable filling is designed with a computer. Then, a computer-guided machine manufactures the ceramic filling while you wait.

With Cerec, you can have ceramic restoration with a perfect fit only on a single visit.

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Invisalign treatment is a virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth. Using advanced 3D computer-imaging technology, Invisalign shows you your complete treatment plan based on your dentist’s prescription, from the initial position of your teeth towards the final desired position. Then a series of clear aligners are custom-made for your teeth to move them little by little.

Each aligner is worn for about one week before being replaced by the next in the series, gradually moving towards the projected final position. The treatment time depends on your specific needs and will be decided by your dentist.

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Other treatments

Hammasklinikka Kruunu’s services cover almost all dental services apart from traditional orthodontics. Please contact us for information on the following services:

  • Laser tooth-whitening
  • X-rays
  • Dental fillings and periodontal treatments
  • Implant maintenance
  • Dental hygienist’s services
  • Playsafe mouth-guards
  • Basic Dental care
  • PerioSafe & ImplantSafe -tests
  • Dental prosthetic treatments

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Contact information

Hammasklinikka Kruunu is situated right in the centre of Tampere. There are several hotels in the vicinity of the clinic, and we can assist in booking accommodation for patients arriving from outside Tampere.

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